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Class Course Description:

The Hollywood Boxing Gym® program is an interval training program incorporating the Sport-specific techniques used in boxing/kick boxing to provide a high level of conditioning for both the aerobic and an aerobic systems for the body. This high-energy workout circuit incorporates Stretching Exercise, Shadow Boxing, Skipping Rope, Punching Heavy Bag / Reflex Bag, Punch Mitts (offense /defense), Abdominal Exercises, and Legwork into a scientifically designed system which provides the proper work and active rest intervals to optimize physical conditioning. Although a non-contact workout, it uses the excitement of the sport, floor movements, coordination drills, and upbeat music to capture your enthusiasm and a ring ambiance throughout the workout.



1. Increases cardiovascular fitness
2. Improves static and dynamic balance
3. Increases muscle strength, power and endurance
4. Increases agility and coordination
5. Improves flexibility, coordination and speed

Equipment Used:  Gloves, Wraps, Mitts and Jump Ropes.

Note: All necessary apparatus is available in your Boxing Package, provided for your use.

Class Rules:

Sign up before class starts. Sign-ups at the reception desk for Spin classes begin 1/2 hour before class starts.

Arrive to class ten minutes early. Please arrive early for proper setup & adjustments to the bike. Members will not be allowed in the room once class begins. Be sure to inform the instructor prior to your ride if this is your first session.

Inform the instructor of your goals and limitations. Make sure the instructor knows if you have any limitations. The instructor needs this information to insure a safe class.

Always, always, always bring a water bottle and towel to class. Adequate hydration is a must! Group classes raise your body temperature and cause significant perspiration. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your training. (Only non-breakable containers of water are allowed.)

Wear proper footwear. Avoid shoes with soles that are thin and flexible. Avoid footwear that bends easily underneath the arch of the foot. Do wear appropriate footwear for all classes. Check with your instructor for specific suggestions.

Wear proper clothing attire. Dress to enhance cooling, prevent skin abrasion and minimize friction along the inner thighs, minimize pressure from the saddle and handlebars and enhance safety by avoiding loose clothing that may become entangled in the equipment. Padded cycling shorts are recommended for spinning class and bike equipment.

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